Nestegg Cycle © DISCLAIMERS / WHAT this is NOT:

We do not promote nor sell any financial securities.

This is a mathematical calculation which provides a financial perspective you might not see elsewhere.
While this is an important new first step in your larger planning process, this is NOT a plan in itself.


NOT: Specific Investment advice
This is a math calculation ONLY, based on the numbers you enter, as well as the numbers that you allow to remain at default values.
No specific investments are advocated nor suggested, ONLY a range of mathematically accurate, hypothetical pairings:

*** Hypothetical Performance your Investment Mix WOULD NEED, to Satisfy your Goal across a range of different salary contribution amounts ***

You would need to take any needed investment initiatives in consultation with financial and tax advisors you trust.
This software will NOT cause your actual investments to perform differently.

NOT: Any kind of guaranty as to investment results
World events, Economic markets, Politics, and your own Investment Choices, Behavior and Circumstances could all cause your investments to perform differently from the calculations.

NOT: Tax Planning
NOT: Asset Allocation
NOT: Budgeting
NOT: Aware of your Personal Finances, Idiosyncracies, Aspirations, etc
This software knows absolutely NOTHING about your TAXES, DEBTS, EXPENSES, nor other INCOME SOURCES. All it knows is the short list of numbers you input about your planned years of work and retirement.

It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to do the homework, which could require a substantial amount of your time and attention, to ensure that this retirement payout reasonably supports your expected obligations to pay your TAXES, DEBTS, any and all other EXPENSES, to the extent that they are not already covered by your other INCOME SOURCES (such as Social Security), and medical coverage (such as Medicare).

IF you have NOT done this homework, you could be entering numbers that do not properly represent your situation. You are urged to actually investigate your personal aspirations, interests and needs, develop these into estimated costs, get your personal estimates about future Social Security benefits, etc. THEN come back and run this software again.

Furthermore, real world complexities may cause your actual nestegg progress to be more or less than any estimate, so that you should re-visit this exercise periodically (every year or two).

You must seek advice and knowledge elsewhere, and perform your own due diligence as to the suitability of any particular investment, to your own needs and your own tolerance for risks.

NOT: Spending Discipline
You need to supply the personal discipline and commitment to spend less than you earn, so that you will have the necessary funds available to contribute toward retirement goals.
It is to be hoped, however, that these calculations will give you more confidence to maintain your discipline!

NOT: Judgement
Sometimes these calculations, although mathematically accurate, could present investment performance options you are not likely to find in the real world, or which might expose you to an unacceptable level of risk; and/or salary contribution percentages you cannot afford.

You must supply your own best judgement as to which contribution/yield pairings could work for YOU.

NOT: A Miracle Worker
The software can help you explore alternate pathways, but, especially if you have already worked for many years without savings, or "raided" your retirement savings for any reason, this may be a signal that you will need to scale back your expectations for retirement payouts, unless you are willing and able to earn and invest higher percentages, and/or delay your retirement.

Also please be aware: unexpected health issues, or economic shifts in your industry, could prevent you from working as many years as you would like.